Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket Image: Blue Origin

Reuters News has been in contact with sources saying that Jeff Bezos space company Blue Origin will take between $ 200,000 – $ 300,000 for a trip to space with their spacecraft New Shepard.


It’s about a journey of 100 kilometers (62 miles) where passengers will spend a few minutes in a weightless state, then returning back to the ground.

Blue Origin said last month that it planned to start selling tickets to space next year, but revealed nothing about pricing. Blue Origin has chosen not to comment on the price information that Reuters has received through anonymous sources working for Blue Origin.

Blue Origins premier competitor for space tourism Virgin Galaxy has sold tickets to space for several years. They cost $ 250,000 a piece and so far the company has sold 650 tickets. Neither Virgin Galaxy nor Blue Origin has so far taken anyone to space.

Blue Origin is an aerospace start-up firm established by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, and tech entrepreneur. The company was founded in 2000 as a “pet project” for the billionaire, who was keen on the idea of “developing economies” in space. After spending over a decade in development, Blue Origin’s small New Shepard craft made its debut in 2015.

The New Shepard is an vertical-takeoff, vertical-landing (VTVL) rocket, which was first experimented on during the 1960s, but with serious progress being made by the early 2010s, when both Blue Origin and SpaceX both having demonstrated recovery of launch vehicles after return to the launch site (RTLS) operations.



The successor to New Shepard is the New Glenn rocket, that is expected to make its initial test launch in 2020. New Glenn is described as a 7-meter-diameter (23 ft), two- or three-stage rocket. Its first stage will be powered by seven BE-4 engines (compared to only one for the New Shepard) that are also being designed and manufactured by Blue Origin. Like the New Shepard suborbital launch vehicle that preceded it, the New Glenn’s first stage is designed to be reusable.