Freelance concept Artist, illustrator, matte painter and composer Bastien Grivet was kind enough to share some of the marvelous art he has created over the years.


Bastien Grivet is based in Montpellier, France. He has work in the video game, film and advertising industries, specialized in visual development for all kind of visual productions, from AAA to independent sector. He co-founded the visual development company ‘Wardenlight Studio’ in with Jessica Rossier

His list of past clients include companies such as Activision, Ubisoft, Blur Studio, MANEKI LAB, DONTNOD Entertainment and Onyx Films.

Check out the marvelous concept art below and you can see more of Bastien’s work on his website and his Instagram account.


This artwork is not a fanart or a tribute. It’s a statement of what I defend, a poem to all my friends who have ever been persecuted or misjudged. Hate never win, we always kiss on ruins of bad memories. I love you all.

The Door – Procreate

And here is the artwork I created for the 4.1 version of Procreate!

From the Hill – Procreate

Savage Interactive, the creators of the amazing Procreate app, asked me to create this artwork using only Procreate. It was an awesome experience with a great software and a very sweet team!

The last second of the Mountain Eater

For those who know my process, this one comes right from my “morgue”. This dark place where all unfinished psd files lies waiting (sometimes for years…) for a new sparkle of inspiration. This one waited “only” four months but I’m happy that I’ve finally found the sparkle for this scene.

Fairy Tale

For this one I decided to continue an exercise I showed to my student during my latest masterclass: How to create a complete landscape with only one randomly sized square brush and play with colors. Finally, a modern fairy tale appeared.

Normal day

A painting study I did from a old picture of my care on a parking lot. It was just a simple scene with a badass girl in a desert world but during the process, Jessica Rossier passed by and said: “turn the brown of the mud on the car in red…” – Holy crap… *thank, honey!

Blade Runner 2049 – Tribute

My humble tribute to a masterpiece. Congratulations and a huge thanks to all the team of the film, the designers, technicians, actors and, of course, Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins!


“I’m watching you my friend. As quick as you’re going, I’ll find you again…” A world of fantasy and science fiction.

Autumn – Cold wind and warm water

Autumn is here and it’s time for her to come back.

Lone Tourist

I created this artwork for my Digital Painting Masterclass at Nîmes (France). I wanted to show some techniques of photo-manipulation / over painting tricks and spaceship design.

Watching the Rise

“And the entire fleet raised in the sky. A new weapon await near Endor”

Landing lights

Quick artwork of this morning. Tried to play with lights shapes and dark tones.


Work on shapes and colors.

On my way

A Tron’s style scene inspired by the colors of NERVE movie!

A new friend

A new fantasy piece! All done with materials of PHOTOBASH.ORG. A mix of photos and painting.

Autumn – Out again

My seasonal muse is back.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

She’s strong

“Well, miss, tell me more about your… particular ability… – I just move rocks and stuff…”

Alone on the Road

I know it’s an old one but I really wanted to add it to my ArtStation gallery. Recently featured during the Apple WWDC 2017 for the announcement of the new iMac Pro

Titans Valley

A quick painting I did for my students during the final day of my Digital Painting Masterclass. I’m so happy to have been a part of this experience with them, learned a lot with them, and was so honored to teach them some little tricks…

Quick Stop

A simple exercise of values for my masterclasses amazing students <3 The goal was to learn how to work from simple B/W view and add colors in a specific sensibility.

Andromeda’s Colours

That’s what I love when I teach how to use brushes… First, you want to show how to quickly create bricks, then, your mistakes lead you to a sci-fi cityscape.

iPad Pro – The guy, and the ID checking bot.

Last test with my iPad Pro and Procreate. Really funny how much you can customize your brushes and trying a lot of crazy things. It’s like to be on my usual Photoshop, but in a “painter/sketcher” way.

Does it come in black?

My first dance with the Dark Knight. I always wanted to do something with the Tumbler. I used Cinema 4D only in order to create the big brick wall in the background. Otherwise, it’s photo-bashing techniques and painting.

A Sith Lord awaits

My first test on the dark side… Thanks to my dear Ashline for the photo reference!

Stuck on the ground

Poe Dameron in a bad situation…

Last Stop

Autumn – Last Leaves

The last one for this season… Next step… Winter… For this one I’ve been inspired by the work of a great photographer I could look at those pictures for hours… Long life to my little inventress redhead!

Autumn – Countryside

Autumn… again… and my lady.


I love autumn… Color and obs study.

Tutorial: Environments Digital Painting

A new image for a video tutorial on Digital Painting I made! (it’s in french but at least you can see the process…

Explore the Lost Land

Be indulgent, this one is certified organic painting: No 3D, No photos, Fair Trade coffee only, color picker only. Totally out of the comfort zone, goodbye the matte painting techniques.

Rider in the Storm

Very quick painting/compo experimentation for myself.

Asset out of Containment

The park is now “open”… sort of…

Colors and Shapes Tests

Colors and shapes test for my students.


Take good time with an old monster… Illustration made for my students during my Concept Art/MP class.

COSMOS 14 – Spaceport

The Odyssey of a famous spaceship and his pilot.

Spirit of the Rebellion

My first Star Wars related artwork. A blend of Cinema 4D and Photoshop CC.


Little SF break, trying new stuff and point of views.

Angel Stone – Key Art

Here is my work done for the new Angel Stone cinematic trailer done by Blur Studio for Fincon. I was, in collaboration with Jessica Rossier, in charge to create few concept and Key Artworks in order to give few guidances of colors, abiances and specific structure of the “Cathedral”.

Militär Tests

Maybe a proof that my country doesn’t only make some good chocolate… A new test with a base from the photo materials of Swiss Landscape Resources platform.

An old Legend



A new test of mix of 3D (the platform), new shapes (spaceship) and overall final treatment.

New Atlantis

A”They asked for a place to trade, live and be protected from the darkness… New Atlantis was the answer.”

The Big One

“Oooh crap”

Speed painting test.

The First Call

Little tribute to the Lovecraft’s universe.

Ostium Inferus

New technique, new challenge…

Steam Rebellion

A new story, full of anachronism, but maybe a very interesting story..

Category VI

A personal vision of a category 6 Kaiju… ^^

The Last Day

Area 42

A little tribute to our beloved J.J…

Wild Exploration

Quick matte painting research.


My new tribute to LOTR!

The Crash of the Old Titan

Bad Day

Result of my demonstration at the Pix And Tech Convention at Nîmes this weekend.

Supernatural Tribute – PURGATORY

Hi everyone! Here with Jessica, as true fans of the tv show “SUPERNATURAL” (yes…yes…) We decided to make something about it… Our little internal project is based on the idea “What if we needed to make some matte paintings for the adventures of our beloved Winchester Brothers?…”

The Queen

“She was a good queen. Until her damnation, hundreds of years ago…”

The King in Yellow

All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Bastien Grivet or their respective copyright holder.