With plants providing nutrients for animal cells to grow, Just believe they can produce cultured meat and seafood that is over 10x more efficient than conventional meat production. All this without confining or slaughtering a single animal and with a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions and water use.

The American startup company Just has previously developed herbal egg products, but are now jumping on the bandwagon to start producing artificially grown meat, with chicken meat is grown in a laboratory.


The chicken nuggets are made from cells of live chicken feathers, which mean that they do not have to kill the chicken to eat it. The small nuggets are produced in a bioreactor where the protein is added to make the cells multiply and bind so that the pieces get a kind of consistency.



Just’s meat is not really ready for the market yet, but according to the BBC who have tested the meat, they seem very impressed with the artificially produced meat.

Just is not the only company that is experimenting with growing meat in laboratories, but so far there are no such products on the market. The reason for this is that it is relatively costly to produce artificial meat in comparison to traditional meat. But the hope is for continued development and with economies of scale, the technology might just be mature enough, and the cost low enough, to compete with ‘regular’ meat.