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Do you like time-lapse photography and Hyperlapse? Do you like Paris? Well, here you are. A beautiful short film by Stéphane Legrand.


WI am extremely pleased to show you my second major time lapse movie ‘Bonjour Paris’. I have heard some amazing feedback last year about my first movie ‘Hello Toronto’, so I told myself why not do one of Paris.
My means were roughly the same as previously, the only difference is the allocated shoot time. For ‘Hello Toronto’, I shot different sequences over the course of almost 2 years.
In December 2014, I came back to France for 3 weeks during Christmas and stayed only one week in Paris.
I had about 50 locations to shoot, which made it a huge challenge for me; moreover I was remotely working on my job in Finance for a Canadian Bank. At the end I was shooting from 7Am to noon and working from noon to 10PM on my 9-5 job, because of the 6 hours lapse between Toronto and Paris.
So as you can imagine, the shooting was really intense and stressful at times. Paris during Christmas holidays can be a nightmare for photographers, because of the important volume of tourists.
Once I came back in Toronto, I took my time to edit the sequences.. I wanted to improve my technical skills. For every single video I often worked frame by frame.
At the end I spent hundreds of hours for this fabulous 2 minutes of video.