This is an extended playback of 4k Ultra High Definition views of Planet Earth, captured by NASA astronaut Jeff Williams during his mission on the International Space Station in 2016. You’ll see the French Riviera and the Sahara Desert, cross North America from Texas all the way to Canada, and more.


“You see things at a different scale and I think you can grow in your appreciation for what Earth has to offer,”

“When you finish and you’re back on the Earth, the memories diminish quickly. To capture the memories, to be able to bring back the experience to others […] we can see it on a global scale and maybe grow in our appreciation of those things that are unique to Earth.”

– Jeff Williams

NASA astronaut Jeff Williams has been a part of Expedition 13, Expedition 21/22 and Expedition 47/48 and currently holds the American record for most days spent in space. Therefore, it’s safe to say that there’s no one better to tell us what it’s like to be in space with the Earth right next to you.