Vision of future airplanes. Credit: NASA.

In 2010 NASA´s Edge discussed the future of aeronautics in three episodes. Which can all be seen below. Chris interviews Karen Taminger, Associate Principal Investigator of the Subsonic Fixed Wing Project at NASA Langley Research Center. Karen explains NASA’s goals of designing lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic, and more efficient commercial aircraft for the future. Get an inside look at NASA Langley’s famous Transonic Dynamics Tunnel, used to test the models of these futuristic airplanes.


Today on September the 10th in 2012, Airbus presented their concept of a future airplane, that is lighter, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. With specially designed wings, using renewable fuel, built in renewable materials, and also proposed to fly in formations to reduce drag. In the below video by ITN News the company idea is presented for a 2050 airplane.

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