Passenger Drone is yet another company that aims to develop multicopters for human transport and here you can see when the company makes its first public manned flight.


It is powered by electricity alone and make use of 16 rotors with a top speed of approximately 80 km/h (50 mph) and a flight range of up to 25 minutes.

The company plans to produce another five prototypes and these will then be tested for a thousand hours before moving on to a commercial version.

On-demand aviation and manned drones has the potential to radically transform how we get from place to place, and to restore precious lost family and personal time to commuters worldwide.

Overall, the lower cost and improved flexibility provided by aerial drone technology may afford compelling solutions for individuals, businesses or governments worldwide.

Passenger Drone is excited and passionate about the potential benefits, and positive impact VTOL urban air transportation can offer.

– A written company statement.

The firms say that Passenger Drone is a low-noise, high-speed, and economical means of transportation with zero emissions.