Fisker unveiled its electric car EMotion at the CES in Las Vegas. A red sporty sedan that will be launched in 2019 and with a range of 650 kilometers (400 miles range) on a single charge.


The car is powered by four electric motors on each shaft. The effect is about 780 horsepowers and will go 0-100 km / h in less than three seconds. The top speed should be 260 km / h.

The battery pack is of lithium-ion type and is delivered by LG Chem. However, Fisker is working on more advanced solid-state batteries that could go 800 kilometers (500 miles) and recharge in just one minute, they say. But it’s still a few years away.

“We’re still doing some research on that battery,”

“But we have some patents on it, and we’re showing it [at CES] to show that it’s real.”

– Fisker says.

The length of the car is 5.08 meters, the wheelbase is 3.01 meters and the height is 1.46 meters. Technically, EMotion Quanergy S3 member sensors are given. These are described as the world’s first affordable solid state LiDAR sensors.

These sensors are so small that they fit into a palm and because they have no moving parts, they should be both better, more reliable and clearly superior to the sensors that are used today. They are an essential part of the driverless system. Fisker says the car will ship with a Level 4 autonomous driving system, which describes a car that can drive itself in almost all situations.

The interior space is big enough for four people, and for the rear seat, you can choose, among other things, a 27-inch curved screen that can be used to display movies and other. There is also an electrochromic window in the ceiling that can go from completely transparent to toned by just pressing a button. Those who are not so fond of leather should also be able to choose a vegan option. And there should also be an option available to choose a couch instead of armchairs.

The car will be built in the United States. Production of the car is expected to begin in 2019 at an unnamed facility. And when the EMotion eventually goes on sale, it will cost $129,900 and up.