After three years of work on the airship, Airlander 10 took off for the first time Wednesday, August 17.


With its length of 92 meters, it is said to be the world’s largest aircraft in operation. The airship that can hold 37,000 cubic meters of helium and was first developed for the US armed forces but the project was later disbanded. The only one built was then sold in 2013 to British Hybrid Air Vehicles and now converted into an airship for civilian use.

Maximum altitude is estimated at 4,900 meters where it will be able to reach speeds around 150 km / h and could be in the air for up to two weeks.

The British company hopes to find both civil and military clients for its airships that can be used for example for monitoring, communications, passenger and freight transport as its load capacity is 10 tons.

The goal of Hybrid Air Vehicles is to build ten additional Airlanders until 2021. There are also plans for a larger version which should be able to carry 50 tons.