Byton, the worldwide brand of China-based EV startup Future Mobility Corp., kicked off this year CES show with the debut of its first vehicle: a high-tech electric SUV. Or, as the company calls it, a “next-generation smart device.”

The entry-level version will take you 400 kilometers (300 miles) on a single charge from a 71- or 95-kWh battery pack, quite similar to what Tesla offers.

The price tag will be around $ 45,000. It has an electric motor on the rear axle giving 272 horsepower. It will charge 80 percent of full battery capacity in 30 minutes. There is also a dual engine version with a total effect of 476 horsepowers.

“Our car is the first-ever affordable EV that fills the requirement as the first car in every household,”

– Byton CEO and co-founder Carsten Breitfeld

Byton’s electric SUV is jam-packed with technology to enable the connected, shared and autonomous driving experience that CES dreams are made of. Cameras and sensors eliminate the need for handles, keys and even mirrors, they say.

The vehicle can be controlled with hand gestures and voice commands through Amazon Alexa. But what stands out the most is that it also features a single “shared experience” video screen that runs the entire width of the dashboard, plus three other displays, including a touchscreen on the steering wheel.

Byton plans to build its cars in Nanjing, China, and to launch in its home country in 2019, then internationally in 2020.