It became known last week that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies would build a hyperloop track in China and it appears that they will be joined by their competitor Arrivo.


Arrivo is probably one of the lesser known hyperloop companies, and it was started by Brogan BamBrogan, who previously worked at Hyperloop One, a company he left due to disagreements.

Arrivos “hyperloop” differs slightly from other similar companies. Arrivo’s system is supposed to transport cars and transport capsules for people on Maglev-sleds at a speed of around 320 kilometers per hour (200 miles per hour).

Arrivo has now entered into a cooperation agreement with the Chinese state-owned company GTA, which means that GTA raises up to a billion dollars to finance Arrivo’s “hyperloop” lanes.

Below is a little futuristic presentation film for Arrivo from last year.



Last week, China’s Guizhou prefecture had signed a deal with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to develop a 10km (6-mile) high-speed track in the region.

This deal is even more interesting due to that China is offering Arrivo $1 billion in credit for worldwide projects, meaning the company doesn’t necessarily have to construct anything in the country itself.

Arrivo will accomplish their goals by working with Genertec America; a corporation wholly-owned by China’s government.

Arrivo provides a unique solution for regional mobility and a great complement to high-speed rail and airports. We are excited to be an early partner in the deployment of mobility systems utilizing Arrivo’s transformative technology. We look forward to many opportunities to build this new mode of transportation in regions around the world.

– President of Genertec America, Yalin Li, in a statement.

Neither Genertec or Arrivo have offered information regarding specific loop construction locations or development timelines, suggesting there’s still many specifics for the companies to hash out.