The British company Gravity Industries has created a flying suit they named “Daedelus” by which its user should be able to fly like Iron Man. They have developed small jet engines that attach to the user’s wrists and ankles. Obviously, this all seems very dangerous, but Gravity founder Richard Browning dismisses this and said to TechCrunch:


“It’s less dangerous than riding a sports bike through the countryside.

If I fell in some imaginable bad way and somehow burst my robust fuel system, I would just leak it very slowly on the floor. If I spent a lot of effort trying to somehow ignite that and it finally caught fire, I’ve got a fireproof suit underneath my kit and I’m never more than 30 feet from two people with fire extinguishers. So actually, it’s really quite lame in that sense, which was done deliberately. It’s no way as dangerous or crazy as it looks.”

Daedelus is able to levitate its user about a meter above the ground. It is impressive, but it will likely take some additional research and time before we will be able to fly like Iron Man.