In the MegaBot web-tv series we get to follow MegaBots Inc. building an enormous robot, the Mark 3.


The team is now testing the legs and arms of the Mk.II. When completed, it will have a total of 430 horsepowers, be five meters high (15 feet), weigh 5 metric tons (12,000lb) and – among other things – be able to pick up cars.

The robot will eventually participate in a game fighting other robots in the future. This will be “The next billion dollar sports league could be giant robots that fight to the death”, according to the Business insider.


MegaBots, Inc., uses cutting-edge robotics technology to create the giant piloted fighting robots of science fiction, video games, and movies. These robots fight in epic-scale arena combat the likes of which the world has never seen before.

MegaBots are 15-foot-tall, internally piloted humanoid robots that fire cannonball-sized paintballs at each other at speeds of over 120 miles per hour. As the robots battle, armor panels shear off and litter the field, smoke and sparks pour out of the chassis, massive robotic limbs tear off, and robots crumple to the ground until only one is left standing.

The giant robots from science fiction are coming.¨


MegaBots have a competitor in the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries who have agreed to a challenge under the conditions that the fight includes melee combat.


“Just building something huge and sticking guns on it. It’s Super American … If we’re going to win this, I want to punch them to scrap and knock them down to do it.”

– Kogoro Kurata


MegaBots, inc. completed construction of the USA’s first giant piloted mech in 2015, the Mk. II MegaBot. It is capable of hurling 1,2 kg (3lb) projectiles at speeds of over 200 kph (130 MPH).

The Mk.III will make his public debut this month at the Bay Area Maker Faire, organized in US San Mateo next weekend.