Hitachi has developed EMIEW since 2005, and now released the third version in the series. This model has a top speed of 3.7 kilometers per hour.


It has a so called “remote brain” with embedded sensors and access to external cameras in the building. These provide the robot with all the information necessary for an appropriate response.

The cloud-based system also allows for multiple EMIEWs to cooperate with each other in a certain space, like an airport.

Airports around the world are testing robotic solutions for various purposes. Geneva airport has recently been testing a luggage-carrying robot named “Leo”, while “Spencer” has guided visitors at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

EMIEW is Hitachi’s contribution to the category of robots with similar humanoid robots. Perhaps the best known of these is “Asimo” from Honda and in recent years “Pepper” from Softbank.