Disney Research has developed the concept of a superhuman stuntman to beyond human levels by building robotic stuntmen. Check out the video below with “Stuntronics” doing amazingly acrobatic moves.


As late as May, Disney’s tech lab revealed a new type of robot. It was a rather basic creation called Stickman. It could perform simple acrobatics. Fun but not so revolutionary.

Now, however, the engineers have presented a much more sophisticated version. The robot has been named Stuntronics and not only looks humanoid, it can perform breathtaking air stunts with precision.

According to information on the site Techcrunch, the robot will not make regular stunt artists and animators unemployed – Disney is not planning to use Stuntronics in filming. It is instead intended to boost park visitors.

Unlike today’s “park robots”, the new creation is much more mobile. Furthermore, the idea is for the Stuntronics robots to be further developed and dressed up like Disney characters in the future – to interact with park visitors. They could also be used in shows where these characters do stunts, and then jump in for actors in short sequences.