Offsite manufacturing of infrastructure reduces delivery time by up to two-thirds and considerably expedites the construction process. In this B1M special report, Fred Mills explores the rise of “offsite manufacturing” and its impact on the construction industry.


A modular home now simply refers to a house that is built offsite – indoors in a factory setting – and assembled on location. Modular homes are built indoors they are not subject to the same weather complications as onsite builds, meaning no delays, fewer setbacks, and much quicker production timescales. As a result of quicker building time, prefabricated homes can be substantially cheaper to make – up to 44% according to Swedish development and construction group Skanska – as labor and machine hire costs are much lower (due to economies of scale). Controlled factory environments are significantly safer in being more predictable. There are also advantages to energy efficiency, environmental friendliness since in-plant recycling increase the number of excess materials that can be recycled.