From automated assembly lines to high-speed trading to driverless cars, machines are encroaching on work that was, until recently, uniquely human. Is the “Robot Apocalypse” a foregone conclusion? The answer may depend on your definition of robot – and apocalypse. What is certain is that whether AI becomes humanity’s best friend or its replacement, the ultimate job killer or job creator, remains an open question. Whatever the outcome, society is heading towards it more rapidly than ever. This session explores where people and machines are headed, in concert or in conflict, and how to best live and work with the automaton next door.


Ralph Simon, Chairman and CEO, Mobilium Global Group; Senior Advisor, Laurel Strategies

Michael DeAddio, Chief Operating Officer, WorldQuant LLC
Dominic Lester, Joint Head of European Investment Banking, Jefferies LLC
Michael Lynch OBE, Founder, Invoke Capital
Pippa Malmgren, Founder, DRPM Group; Co-Founder, H Robotics
Andy Walshe, Human Performance Expert