The data revolution is sweeping the modern world, in this small documentary by The Economist, we are shown – among other things – how A.I and Big Data can change healthcare by being able to assess all medical data, research, and up-to-date information available to mankind worldwide to more accurately diagnose patients.


At many hospitals, there can be critical delays in analyzing brain scans. Hours can go by before patients are properly diagnosed and transferred for emergency treatment. But Dr. Tom Devlin’s team is using a new data-driven tool called Viz.AI. It’s machine learning technology quickly draws on fast amounts of medical data gathered from years of research. This hospital is pioneering another data-driven technology that could save lives. Today, Carol will be the world’s first patient to have her brain monitored for signs of a stroke during heart surgery. It’s an innovation that could transform the outcome for heart surgery patients across the world. As Carol goes under the knife this scanner uses data collected on hundreds of patients to identify clots that might be passing to her brain. Data-driven innovation is rapidly spreading in parts of the healthcare industry. Services powered by artificial intelligence are said to be worth 6.6 billion dollars by 2021.