Elon Musk had previously announced to carry our two BFR cargo missions to Mars by 2022. So to be able to stick to the original timeline, SpaceX is planning to start testing its BFR system early next year.


Now, Elon Musk tweeted two photos that give us a peek into the company’s Martian aspirations. One of the images shows the BFR, the massive rocket SpaceX is developing for deep space missions – that recently got a jolt of funding from a Japanese tourist – while the other shows the BFR and what he called “Mars Base Alpha.”

The ‘Big Falcon Rocket’ or BFR was initially announced by Musk in September last year. It’s not a secret that billionaire entrepreneur has been laying out plans for transport to the red planet for quite some time now.

The private space corporation wants to build a human settlement on the red planet and back in 2017, Elon announced plans to launch two BFR cargo missions to Mars by 2022 to prepare for the arrival of the first Martian settlers by 2024. Before any of that can happen, though, SpaceX has to be able to start testing its BFR system in the first half of 2019.

The project update shows us a concept of what the landing base on the Red Planet will look like, as well as the BFR’s new design, which sees bigger fins.

But it will be a long time until we see the actual bases as Musk previously noted that it will probably take SpaceX until 2028 to build on Mars.

SpaceX recently revealed that the first space tourist to sign up for their space tourism program is Japanese fashion icon and art curator Yusaku Maezawa. The trip has been scheduled for sometime in 2023 and will include several artists.