SpaceX has announced that it has signed the first space tourist to fly around the Moon. The announcement came as a tweet posted late Thursday.


According to the tweet, the company will announce the identity of the mystery passenger today, on Monday. Few other details have been provided, but a follow-up tweet by Elon Musk hints that the passenger may be from Japan.

As per a tweet on Thursday, the company has signed its first private passenger to fly on its BFR launch vehicle, in what would be “an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling to space.”

Musk left a clue possibly regarding the flyer’s nationality, tweeting the flag of Japan when asked if it was him that would be going on the trip. He also revealed in another tweet that the rendering of the BFR spacecraft was new.

Earlier this month, SpaceX completed its 16th mission of the year by launching a satellite into orbit for Telstar Communications. Additionally, Musk’s company also has contracts in place with NASA for crewed transport missions to the International Space Station.

Mr Musk’s hopes of one day flying to Mars rest with the BFR, which he hopes will be ready to blast off for the red planet in 2022, and its associated BFS space craft.