Astronaut. Credit: NASA.

In this NASA Google Hangout, several athletics and fitness professionals talk about how astronauts keep in shape during long missions in a weightless environment.


The participants; Peter Moore of Men’s Health magazine, Sam Kass who is the executive director of the White House’s “Let’s Move!” campaign and Mark Guilliams who is Hopkin’s lead strength coach. Also, NASA Astronaut Mike Hopkins, Olympic team figure skater Rachael Flatt, bobsledder Curt Tomasevicz, CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning, Jr., and Houston Texans player Jared Crick.

The adverse effects of long-term weightlessness are muscle atrophy (reduced muscle mass, strength, and performance) and deterioration of the skeleton. Or spaceflight osteopenia (bone loss that occurs during spaceflight). These effects can be minimized through a regimen of exercise.