The US space agency will send humans back to the Moon, but they intend on doing it sustainably. In this regard, NASA plans to use lunar dust to build bases on the Moon.


As declared by NASA’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine, the US space agency is planning for a more significant mission to the Moon and is not just interested in leaving a flag and some footprints on the lunar surface.

To learn how to build with moon dust, researchers are turning to volcanic powder here on Earth. Several countries are planning lunar missions over the next decade, and some may choose to send human settlements to the moon’s surface.

In this fascinating clip by Verge, we visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where engineers are dreaming up new technologies that will help build settlements on the Moon or Mars via NASA’s experimental “Swamp Works” lab.

The Swamp Works engineers are hard at work figuring out how to help future “space pioneers” actually harvest their own materials from other planets. Verge Science took a spin through the lab and saw some unique prototypes in action.