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Audi plans to participate in the Google Lunar XPrize contest in which participants are to send spacecraft to the moon to explore at least 500 meters of the lunar surface while also sending high-resolution images and videos back to Earth. Audi now reveals its Lunar Quattro, check it out above or below!


The moon is our closest neighbor in the solar system. Since the dawn of time, it has played a defining role in our lives: a landmark for pioneering seafarers, the ruler over the tides, dream goal of little boys. Even though mankind has set foot on its surface more than 40 years ago, it still seems distant and unreachable. But this is about to change forever.

This is a mission about the challenges that lie in the 384.400 kilometers that separate the earth from the moon. A story about breaking rules, going places where no one else dares to go. About trying, failing – and trying again. And about the strongest, most powerful fuel of all: pioneering spirit.