Mars photo from low orbit taken by Viking probe. The Galle “smiley” crater can be seen to the left. Credit: NASA.

NASA has been the host for several panels and seminars as of late. One of these on the history of NASA missions to Mars. Since NASA yesterday hinted about a major announcement to be presented soon. We thought this seminar would prove most relevant and enjoyable for you.


Talking about the lure of the red planet in the past, present and beyond.:

  • Richard W. Zurek (JPL) on “Mars After 50 Years Of Space Exploration: Then, Now, and Beyond”
  • David Grinspoon (Denver Museum of Nature & Science) on “Evolving Concepts Of Planetary Habitability In The Age Of Planetary Exploration”
  • Erik M. Conway (JPL) on “Dreaming Of Mars Sample Return, From Viking To The Mars Science Laboratory”.
  • W. Henry Lambright (Syracuse University) on “NASA, Big Science, And Mars Exploration:Critical Decisions From Goldin To Bolden”

Panel Chair: Janet Vertesi (Princeton University)