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Etienne was born in France but spent most of his life in other countries: Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and more than a decade in Lebanon. He studied political science, film studies, cultural studies and got a doctorate in history and civilization from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. His obsession for stories has led him to gain experience in a French embassy, a film production company, a consultancy firm and many universities in different places, some of them guarded by tanks, others so beautiful he did not even need to be paid (but was anyway). Etienne also wrote three books, a very serious academic one on propaganda, a slightly more fun one on Hollywood and a novel about spies in Lebanon loosely based on imagination. Etienne is now teaching at Erasmus University in Rotterdam (ESHCC) and still collaborates with universities in Beirut, Krems and Prague. He also is a senior contributor to and conducts regular trainings for diplomats in Public Diplomacy at Clingendael.