The Milano is an M-ship class used by the Ravagers but customized by Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy. As Star-Lord, Quill used the Milano since he was ten years old for looting and piracy, establishing his name as an intergalactic criminal.


“I’ve been flying this rig since I was 10 years old.”


We follow Quill from his first encounter on Morag to meeting his fated team in the Kyln, to unscrupulous trades and daring escapes in Knowhere, and up to the final battle against Ronan on Xandar. The Milano became the home of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The ship suffered heavy damage in GOTG Vol. 2 and Quill had to ditch the trusty ship he’d been flying since 1988 when Yondu kidnapped the 10-year-old pre-Star Lord.

In Avengers ‘Infinity War’ we see the Guardians of the Galaxy’s new ship ‘The Benatar’, like the Milano it is also an ‘M-class’ spaceship, as often used by the Ravagers.