The Krenim weapon ship was a weapon developed by the Krenim Imperium sometime around 2174. Its design and construction were spearheaded by Annorax, a military temporal scientist. The powers of this craft from Star Trek: Voyager is virtually unlimited. The temporal weapon ship had the power to eliminate its targets from the space-time continuum entirely, even erasing entire species from history. It was first used against the Rilnar, mortal enemies of the Krenim, but was also used against the Alsuran Empire, the Malkoth, the Zahl, the Garenor, and the Ram Izad.


“The Krenim temporal weapon ship was equipped with a powerful temporal weapon. This beam weapon was able to push species, colonies and starships out of the spacetime continuum, effectively erasing them from history. However the weapon required precise, careful, and meticulous calculations to exact changes in the timeline, creating causality paradoxes.”

“The ship itself was powered by a temporal core. When active, the temporal core kept the ship, its contents and crew outside the normal space-time. This rendered the ship immune to all conventional weapons and protected the crew from the flow of time, effectively making them immortal. However due to the vessel’s mass, it could not go faster than warp 6.”

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