Guardians of the Galaxy was a truly stunning movie, the action-packed, epic space adventure, have been called Star Wars for a new generation by some.


Besides boasting a rocking soundtrack, the film features some beautiful shots of spaceships of every kind and size.

The film is packed with cool and beautiful spaceships/spaceships. We put together the above tribute video in their honor.

The Milano. ©Marvel Studios

We see the Milano, of M-ship class, used by the Ravagers but customized by Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy. As Star-Lord, Quill used the Milano since he was ten years old for looting and piracy, establishing his name as an intergalactic criminal.

The Dark Aster. ©Marvel Studios

The Dark Aster, that served as the flagship of Ronan the Accuser, a renegade Kree terrorist that refused to honor the treaty between the Kree and Xandar Empires. Though the vessel had no weapons of its own, it served as a carrier for the Necrocraft, housing hundreds within its rotating wings.

The Mining Pods. ©Marvel Studios

The Mining Pods used to mine the biological materials of Knowhere.

“These pods are industrial grade, they’re nearly indestructible.”

― Star-Lord

The Star Blasters. ©Marvel Studios

The Star Blasters, a class of ships used by the Nova Corps. The Star Blasters are capable of creating an energy barrier by linking to adjacent ships. The Star Blasters also have tractor beams capable of incapacitating criminals and also firing a red colored beam to destroy hostile ships.

The Eclector. ©Marvel Studios

The Eclector, the main ship used by Yondu’s clan of the Ravagers serving as a port to the M-ships. Besides the M-ships, the Ravengers also use a ship called Ravager Construction, seen firing on the Dark Aster with a blast that created a shield and diversion for a fleet of M-ships to attack and infiltrate the Dark Aster.