Like its predecessor Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 was a stunning movie, an action-packed, epic space adventure filled with beautiful shots of spaceships of every kind and size.

The Milano. ©Marvel Studios

We see the Star-Lord ’s beloved, customized Ravager “M” class ship “The Milano” again, but sadly for the last time, as it is practically destroyed while crash-landing on the planet Berhert.

All of the meticulous repairs that the Nova Corps made after the Battle of Xandar were wasted when Rocket and Quill’s bickering while fighting a fleet of Sovereign drones, navigating through a space-minefield and then crash landing.

The Sovereign drone ships are a fleet of small interstellar spacecraft armed with energy weapons and remotely piloted by the Sovereign. A huge fleet of them was scrambled to hunt down the Guardians of the Galaxy fleeing from Sovereign.

Sovereign Drone ship. ©Marvel Studios

Ego’s Ship was created using Ego’s abilities to manipulate matter so that his avatar and Mantis could travel across the universe.

Ego’s ship. ©Marvel Studios

The Eclector, the main ship used by Yondu’s clan of the Ravagers serving as a port to the M-ships. Besides the M-ships, the Ravengers also use a ship called Ravager Construction, seen firing on the Dark Aster with a blast that created a shield and diversion for a fleet of M-ships to attack and infiltrate the Dark Aster.

The Eclector. ©Marvel Studios