The Battle of Thoth Station takes place in the season two episode “Doors & Corners”. As is the case in The Expanse, the battle doesn’t follow what we normally see in sci-fi movie physics. This is a much more realistic (hard sci-fi) space battle, masterfully done with both tension and intensity.



To get to the bottom of whatever was happening to Eros, Fred Johnson (head of the OPA) ordered an assault on the Thoth spin station located in the Belt. Johnson pulls together a strike team from rival Outer Planets Alliance factions. Rocinante is assigned as the mission’s muscle, engaging the station’s defenses and clearing a path for the boarding party.

The Roci approached the station attached to the freighter ship Guy Molinari’s tail end to hide it in the larger ship’s radar signature, just in case the station had any surprises. As the Molinari came closer, Rocinante was detached and left to drift to the side, appearing as simple a piece of jettisoned cargo.

As it turned out, all these precautions were not in vain. The station was being guarded by the Osiris, Protogen’s last functional Amun-ra-class stealth frigate.