This video is an edited version of the battle, with some scenes removed, most of which takes place on the surface of the planet Scarif. The sound has been replaced for reasons due to copyright. We hope you enjoy it.


The Battle of Scarif

The group known collectively as ‘Rogue One’ attempts to steal the plans to the Death Star while a Rebel fleet fights the good fight high above the planet ‘Scarif’ in one of the most exciting space battles in Star Wars history.

One of coolest sequences in the battle is the part when a Hammerhead corvette rams into a broken-down Star Destroyer for it to crash into another, and the force of these two ships subsequently takes out the shield gate protecting the planet.

During an interview with EW, Rogue One producer John Knoll discussed the thought that went into determining whether the crew of the Hammerhead would make it out alive, specifically by getting off the ship on life on escape pods.

“The last shot you see of the Star Destroyers crashing down through the gate — it’s a very subtle thing, and it would probably be hard to tell this — but the lifeboats are all gone on the Hammerhead. It’s my story that the Hammerhead crew got into the lifeboats and made it out.”

So, while nobody aboard the Hammerhead was a major Rogue One character – nor apparently hurt – the ship itself was integral to the battle.

The battle was also integral for Alliance to Restore the Republic in its epic struggle against the Galactic Empire.

The rebel fleet was fighting a superior foe and time itself; to gain access through Scarif’s planetary shield and retrieve the Death Star plans before everything is lost.

The battle is arguably one of the best action sequences of 2016, and even among the coolest on-screen space battles in Star Wars history.