The Battle of Endor was a decisive battle of the Galactic Civil War, one in which the Alliance to Restore the Republic shattered the rule of the Galactic Empire and saw the destruction of the Death Star II and the deaths of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.


“Today is a day of celebration. We have triumphed over villainy and oppression and have given our Alliance—and the galaxy beyond it—a chance to breathe and cheer for the progress in reclaiming our freedom from an Empire that robbed us of it.”

―Admiral Gial Ackbar, after the Battle of Endor

Ready to lead the planned attack on the second Death Star, Ackbar, from the bridge of the MC80a star cruiser Home One. On his mark, the entire fleet jumped into hyperspace to arrive at the Endor system.

Lando Calrissian had all wing commanders of his strike force — Red Leader (Wedge Antilles), Gray Leader (Horton Salm), and Green Leader (Arvel Crynyd) — locked their S-foils in attack position to initiate the attack on the Death Star. However, as Nunb realized there were no readings about the deflector shield, and their transmission likely were being jammed, Calrissian broke off the attack as he correctly surmised the shield was still up.

Ackbar ordered the capital ship to take evasive action, and that Green Squadron sticked close to holding sector MV-Seven, when one of his controllers informed him of the appearance of enemy ships in sector 47.[4] As calculated by the Emperor, the Imperial fleet on the other side of Endor, composed by more than eleven Star Destroyers.

“Admiral! We have enemy ships in sector 47!”
“It’s a trap!”

―A Mon Calamari captain and Admiral Ackbar

Han Solo and his men then placed the explosives and destroyed the shield generator. High above the exploding generator, Ackbar announced the shield’s deactivation and order the start of the attack on the Death Star’s main reactor..