The Battle of the Colony is the climactic final engagement between the survivors from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and the Cylons, as well as the final battle of the Cylon Civil War.


The episode Daybreak Part II in season 4 is the final desperate mission for the Battlestar Galactica and her crew – to go deep into Cylon territory and attempt to rescue Hera. A dangerous plan for Galactica to jump into space right in front of the Cylon colony, ram it and forcefully board the station.

The Galactica arrives and all hell breaks loose. The sight of gun turret after gun turret bombarding Galactica is awe-inspiring and horrible. It seems as if this final fight would really be the adios to our beloved ship and crew.

Then the Cylon hybrids stop the carnage. Now free to launch Raptors and Vipers, and to board the Colony, the fight really begins. With ‘The Battle of the Colony’, Battlestar Galactica delivered one of its biggest, best and coolest battle sequences of the entire series.