The USS Discovery was a Crossfield class type of Federation starship in service during the mid-23rd century.


“Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous. Black alert!”

– Captain Christopher Pike, 2257 (“New Eden”)

Discovery was launched into service from the San Francisco Fleet Yards, Earth. It was an impressive ship fresh out of the shipyards, equipped with some of Starfleet’s most advanced technologies.

Both Discovery and its sister ship, the USS Glenn, were equipped with an experimental spore drive for field testing.

The ability of the spore drive to transport the ship instantaneously across the universe is seemingly limited to how long Stamets can deal with having the calculations running through his brain.

The battle started after the crew of the Discovery found a way to penetrate the Klingon’s cloaking device by generating an algorithm using data sent back by two transmitters placed on the Klingon ship by an away team. Lieutenant Paul Stamets was able to utilize the spore drive to keep the Klingons on their feet, while Discovery’s computer generated the algorithm. Kol, confused by what he was seeing, ordered the Sarcophagus to cloak in order to defend from the Discovery’s jumps. Unfortunately for Kol, this played right into their hands, allowing the Federation ship to complete its task. After penetrating the cloak, Discovery pulled its away team off, and fired its torpedoes at the Sarcophagus, destroying it and its crew. As Ash Tyler was being transported off, L’Rell grabbed hold of him, and escaped the ship moments before its destruction.

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