Assuming that a Tesla Rifle is a weapon that fires electricity, it would have a limited range and high spread – but its potential power would only be a measure and limited by its power supply.


The Tesla rifle in the movie ‘District 9’ was built by the race known as the “Prawns”, it was confiscated by the South African government, and then fell into the hands of Wilkus (the film’s protagonist). It is a ridiculously powerful piece of ordnance capable of blowing people to smithereens with a chuckle-inducing effect.

Many critics seem slightly divided over whether the second half of Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 is a substandard descent into senseless violence after the excellent and intelligent build-up in the first half of the movie, or whether it instead is a fantastic release of narrative energy following the very same build-up. We strongly adhere to the latter crowd.

The last piece of the puzzle in the excellent build-up is this particular scene in which our protagonist is forced to put his newly acquired alien DNA to the test – a very unethical test.