The year is 1979 and Star Trek: The Motion Picture was met with mixed reception but started a movie franchise that is still continuing this day, with only one soft reset in 2009.


The year is 2018 and RedLetterMedia re:views Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The Milwaukee-based film and video company have carved out a sweet slice of internet fame with its insanely popular “Mr. Plinkett” movie reviews, incisive and ridiculous shows like Half In The Bag, and other often dry, sarcastic but seriously fun stuff.

It’s the team up you’ve all been waiting for! Dry and sarcastic meets dry and sarcastic! Two dull, unfunny, elderly men talk about an old, dull, dry film. WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT KIDS?!?!?!? Seriously though, Mike and Jim love Star Trek The Motion Picture. It’s mainly because they are dry, dull, and elderly.