Concept artist and illustrator has given us permission to showcase some of the outstanding art that he has created over the years.


Geoffrey is currently working at Guerrilla Games (Sony) but has previously worked for clients such as Moving Picture Company (MPC), Hex Entertainment, NaturalMotion, Guter-Punkt and Cyanide Studios.

Check out some of the terrific colorful concept art below and you can see more of Geoffrey’s work on his website, his Twitter feed and on Artstation.



The Shift


Concepted this little boi for my personal game. Figured it needed a one punch robot or something.

The Black Frost

Played too much FrostPunk.
Had to do fanart worried.

Guys, did I mention how good this game is?
Because this game is good. It’s really really good guys.



Classy in the streets, xeno in the sheets.


Blue with some other colors.

Battlechasers – Forest Ruin

Here’s an image I did a few years back for Battlechasers. It was one of my last freelance images before going full time inhouse, and man it was so much fun working with Joe Mad. He’s one of the nicest dudes out there.

Frost Knight

painting skulls is fun

Castle attack

La Rouille de nos Ancêtres

StarPort 27

The contract


The last spell

Ekibea 42-f

No man’s valley

Been watching a bunch of Ghibli stuff so I went back to colorful stuff.


Here’s an artwork I did for Rigs, a project I’ve been working on since I joined Guerrilla Cambridge.

The Adventures of Marvin and George: Escape from the forest of Lyess

World Bearers

In a world where people are physically immortal, things lose value and become quickly dull.
To counter this, The Kantajians studied atoms and quickly discovered how to bend reality and time.
However, they lacked one thing: Creativity.

The Whispering Forest

The Brightest Night

Edge/ brushwork practice. Mix media

The fall

Plasma cluster / Nuclear powered station test fail. Controls froze and blocked the panels, RCS and main engine, pushing it back into orbit. Two armed SSTOs are tasked with destroying the derelict station before it crashes.

This isn’t Mars

color/ edge practice

Digital Painting Techniques V.6 Cover

Here’s the full image I did for 3Dtotal’s Digital Painting Techniques V.6 cover.


Whimsical Unicorn

It’s a unicorn. It’s drinking water and stuff.

The Scorched Earth Strategy

The Piano Lesson- Broken Rythm

The Scavengers

The Cloud Bearers

Land of the Thousand Suns – The Vixxxen

Relic Theory

All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Geoffrey Ernault or their respective copyright holder.