Concept artist and illustrator Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña was kind enough to share some of the concept artwork he has done over the years. Based in Granada, Spain, is a self-taught traditional and CG 2D artist.


His work is focused on historical, fantasy and science fiction editorial illustrations, concept art for computer games and matte painting in animation movies.

Some of the projects Jose has been involved with include the Sony CEA God of War game series, Ubisoft/Redstorm Ghost Recon game series, Wizards of the Coast Magic the Gathering, George R.R. Martin’s World of Ice and Fire illustrated book, Games Workshop codex books, and Osprey Publishing books.

Check out the exquisite concept art below and you can see more of Jose’s work on his website a.

All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña or their respective copyright holder.