Patrick O’Keefe is a Visual Story Artist for film, video games, television, and commercials, he is also an Illustrator for web and print as well as a Muralist for community projects. His list of clients includes Electronic Arts, Visceral Games, Mercedes, Blind Pictures and many more.


Patrik was kind enough to share some of the cool concept art that he has created over the years. Check it out the art below and you can see more of Patricks’s work on his website, his instagram feed, and his Twitter account.

Look what I found


Beach House

Dockweiler Beach


Figure study

Amazon Prime Day

Rocky Mountaineer train company

Totoro – Miyzazaki tribute show

Nuthin But Mech

Launch Day

A personal painting.

Battlefield Hardline

Sketches for Battlefield Hardline

Something that never happened

A canceled project

Animated commercial development work

Vis Dev for Oculus Story Studio

The good old days

Visual development for an animated commercial

Moon Rise

part of an ongoing series

Hornet Vis Dev

Recent visual development work I did for a stop-motion animation commercial

Red Planet

Part of an ongoing series about planets.

Approaching Storm

A concept for an ongoing series.

Dead Space 3 concept artwork

Some old concept work I did for Dead Space 3

Urban Reduction: Sutro Tower

Part of a series of urban landscapes

Urban Reduction: Golden Gate

Urban Reduction: 76

Visual Dev work for a Kellogg’s Commercial

On our way

Some dev work for a personal story

So Long

Some dev work for a personal story

Promo Art for Rise of the Guardians

I am not sure what became of it….

Dev work for an animated project in future London

Approaching storm

Visual Dev work for a Mcdonald’s Commercial

Zero Duex

All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Patrick O’Keefe or their respective copyright holder.