Concept artist and illustrator Matt Gaser was kind enough to share some of the art he has created over the years.


Matt is located in California and is currently a Freelance Concept Artist working on the new CUPID animated feature with Justin Bieber. He has worked as a senior concept artist for Stormfront Studios working on titles such as Eragon, Forgotten Realms Demonstone, and Lord of the Rings The Two Towers.

He has worked as concept artist for Lucasfilm Animation on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series. He has also been designing for the Green Lantern: The Animated Series, feature film HOP, and recently an undisclosed project through Sony Pictures Animation & Rovio Animation Company.

His original work stands out from the science fiction and fantasy art that we are used to, by often portraying a deep connection to nature, using vibrant and bright colors. His genre art is uniquely warm and captivating. Whether portraying space, high fantasy, robots, steampunk, the past, or the future, Matt always leaves his distinct mark on the imaginary portrayals.

Check out some of the dazzling concept art below and you can see more of Matt’s work on his website.

League of Legends Concept Art

Cancelled Game Project

I was tasked with creating sci-fi LAB locations in the high mountains.

Rock Giant Elemental: World of Warcraft

Illustration for WOW cards.

Professor Harkin

Gluba Vanderhon the Giant


These images and sketches are from a movie pitch I was developing about a father/ daughter that enter a great race called the Metakron in another world.

Bunny House

Concept art from a canceled platformer game. I art directed the style, unfortunately, the look development only made it through the 2D phase.

Primrobb’s Threshold

Passage to Bromheld


Space Land

Crash Landing

Aunt Fern’s House

Green Lantern Env.

These were early concept sketches from the Green Lantern Animated Series. I was tasked with visualizing an opening scene to an episode. The style was very graphic, hard edged, etc…

Ice Burial

Daydream Festival Posters

New Logan

Dr. Zammsy, traveling through the countryside

Orgaton Giant

Carousel Dreams


Berm in Crowd


Bontan The Ghost Giant


All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Matt Gaser or their respective copyright holder.