Samuel Aaron Whitehead is a concept artist and illustrator working in the video game industry.


Aaron has worked for game companies such as Jagex Games Studio, Cloud Imperium Games, Blind Mind Studio, Firaxis Games and Funcom.

Samuel is currently based in Maryland, in the U.S, and work as a Senior Concept Artist at Funcom.

He was recently involved in the development of Civilization VI. He has also designed for projects that include Star Citizen, Star Ruler, RuneScape and many other game titles.

Samuel was kind enough to share some of the cool concept art that he has created over the years. Check it out below and you can see more of Samuel’s work on his website and his Twitter account.

IS-CC ‘Vanguard’ Class Carrier

The interstellar Combat Carrier’s are the mobile application of the federation’s will. With these formidable vessels, they have managed to maintain control of 12 systems for over 100 years.

SF-80 ‘Luminar’ Strike Fighter

A two-man space strike fighter that has variable geometry wing array for atmospheric flight and landing. Armed with a single high powered omnidirectional laser orb.

Robo Dude

“Curious… you request haste and then complain”

Cargo Hauler

Personal Underwater Utility Vehicle

A concept of an all-purpose utility submarine idea I had rocking around my brain today

Bulb Drone

Afterwork doodle

Attrition – Fortress London

There has only ever been one world war and it persists, endless in its catastrophe. The great powers of Europe rage against one another. Their cities are either craters of irradiated dust… or hulking fortresses… glorified factories of both people and machines of destruction.

Fortress London – The Great Citadel. The Ministry of War. An enormous, hardened bunker stands defiantly on the horizon. Bristling with AA guns.

Attrition – Ubermensch

A quick sketch I did a while ago, just messing around with mood and atmosphere for a German heavy infantry set in my ‘Attrition’ alternate WW1 universe IP.

Attrition – Anglican Standard Infantry

A character for my WW1 alternate universe game idea.

Attrition – Heavy Infantry

An illustration depicting an Anglican heavy infantry assaulting enemy lines.

Spetsnaz Raptor Unit

War Moth

Civilization VI: Rise & Fall Concept Art

Here is a selection of items I designed for the Rise & Fall expansion for Civilization 6. I originally intended to post more behind the curtain stuff with thumbnails etc – but I’d have to go through and gussy them up for publishing with logos and all that jazz. When I get time maybe.

XCOM – 2

I was brought on to design some of the E3 presentation and small-town locations. After that I was given almost total responsibility for the Slums environments, designing (nearly) every aspect of the location. Super fun!

Goss II Approach – Star Citizen

Goss II Landing Pad – Star Citizen

Goss II Bar – Star Citizen

Goss II Concept

Substrata Fields of Despair

Hell Gate

Future LA

Combat Aircraft Studies

A few studies of some combat Aircraft I did a few months ago.

Iron Gates


Martian City

Swamp Rune

Ice Coral

Terminator Resistance Soldier Concept

King Crow

May the 4th

All images used with permission by the artist. All images © Samuel Aaron Whitehead or their respective copyright holder.