Not everyone thinks war is hell in Paul Verhoeven’s satirical sci-fi movie ‘Starship Troopers’. In fact, a lot of them come to think it’s pretty awesome and one of those is Rico, played by Casper Van Dien, especially when he gets the chance to utilize an MK55 Tactical Nuclear Launcher and destroy a whole nest full of bugs.


Sure, rocket-propelled grenades are all fine and well, but what if you’re staring down a nest full of gigantic space bugs who want nothing more than to rip you apart, then you upgrade to the mini-nuke. This handy little weapon looks like any old RPG launcher but packs enough destruction to bring down a mountain.

“Tactical Oxygen Nuke, or simply “Nuke”, refers to grenade-sized tactical nuclear munitions used by the Mobile Infantry in the First Bug War.

Unlike fission or fission-fusion nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapon used in the film appears to be an ultra-low yield pure fusion weapon. Pure fusion releases energy like conventional nuclear weapons but doesn’t require fissile materials such as Plutonium or Uranium and therefore produce no fallout. This allows the Mobile Infantry to destroy huge Plasma bugs and then immediately rush into the area in the early stage of the Klendathu Offensive.

The weapon system is packed as a smart missile, which is small but extremely maneuverable and comes with M55 Rocket Launcher, the reusable main launcher. The missile is detonated with a proxy fuse with impact fuse as optional.”

Starship Troopers Wiki