Researchers have named a newly discovered dinosaur species after the Zuul monster from the original Ghostbusters movie.


The dinosaur’s full name is ‘Zuul Crurivastator’ and was an armored dinosaur with a 10 foot-long tail (3 meters) covered in armor. It and other Ankylosauridae walked around on Earth about 75 million years ago.

The dinosaur was likely a herbivore, weighing about 5,500 pounds (2,500 kilograms). It was found in the US state of Montana.

Zuul Crurivastator translates to “destroyer of shins.” and reminded the reserachers who found it of the giant dog-like creature that possesses Sigourney Weaver’s character (the one she sees in the refrigerator).

“I had really wanted to use that for a long time and I was saving it for a specimen with a really well-preserved tail,”

– Dr. Victoria Arbour, an expert on armored dinosaurs and lead author of the study announcing the finding, told the Atlantic.

“I wasn’t going to get a better choice than with this fellow.”

“The skull of the new dinosaur has a short, rounded snout, gnarly forehead, and two sets of horns projecting backward from behind the eyes, just like Zuul.”