The world’s most venomous snail ‘net’ feeding on sleeping fish


Filmed on RED DRAGON by Richard Fitzpatrick ACS

Australia is well known for its dangerous animals, so it is only fitting that we would also harbor the world’s most venomous snail, the Geographic Cone Snail (Conus Geographus).

With venom potent enough to kill humans, the Geographic cone snail is the most toxic of the 500 known species of cone snail. With a mottled pattern containing tones of pink, red, brown and white, the Geographus can grow up to 6 inches in length with a shell noticeably wider than that of other cone snail species.

Imagine being eaten alive!! This is exactly what happens to the prey of the Geographic cone snail.

The Geographus is a net hunter. It is able to expand its mouth outwards to engulf its prey. Believed to release small amounts of venom into the water to sedate its victim, the cone snail renders the fish inactive whilst it envelops its prey into its large mouth. Once the victim is inside its mouth, the cone snail will harpoon its catch to paralyze it. The digestion process can take days.

Geographus are not just native to Australia, they are found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. There is no antivenom for a cone snail sting and the Geographic cone snail is responsible for more than 30 human fatalities.

So if you see a cone, leave it alone.