Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute

Vadim Backman, Walter Dill Scott Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University
Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Laureate; President, Salk Institute
Juan Enriquez, Managing Director, Excel Venture Management
Jack Gilbert, Professor of Surgery and Director, Microbiome Center, University of Chicago
Nina Tandon, CEO and Co-Founder, EpiBone; Co-Author, “Super Cells: Building With Biology”

Physicist/philosopher Thomas Kuhn famously observed that scientific progress is not always incremental –periodic revolutions lead to exponential progress. The term he coined, “paradigm shift,” can be applied to what is occurring in medicine today. In brief multimedia talks, leading scientists will present the details of exciting technology revolutions that promise earlier diagnoses, better treatments, longer lives and new cures for age-old diseases. They will show that researchers have adopted entirely new ways of thinking as they move forward with innovative approaches to medicine. After the presentations, Institute Chairman Mike Milken will bring the speakers back to the stage for a panel dialogue.