How the earth has changed over the past 30 years

The world has gained 115,000 km2 of water and 173,000 km2 of land over the past 30 years. The Dutch research institute Deltares developed an open tool that analyses satellite data and visualizes land and water changes around the globe. The results were published today in Nature Climate Change.

First global-scale tool that shows water and land conversion
The Deltares Aqua Monitor was developed by Gennadii Donchyts, a remote sensing expert at Deltares. It is the first global-scale tool that shows, with a 30-metre resolution, where water has been transformed into land and vice-versa. The Aqua Monitor uses freely available satellite data and Google Earth Engine, a platform for the planetary-scale scientific analysis of geospatial datasets that is now open to the general public.

Go to Earth’s surface change over the past 30 years for more information, and check out the open access tool Aqua Monitor.